Ons eerste nieuwsbericht…een ‘magische start’!

Ons eerste nieuwsbericht op de Nieuws-pagina :)

Een verslag van ons ‘Kosmisch Huwelijk’ door ceremoniebegeleiders
Ojasvin & Waimaania, Maori’s uit Aotearoa (Nieuw Zeeland)


Wedding Ceremony
16-19 June, Velm, Belgium

Copyright by De Vleugelhoorn

“In “De Vluegelhoorn” in Velm, Belgium during two days a magic wedding unfolded. We all felt escorted to another world. Linda, the bride had prepared many creative tasks for their dream-team to manifest and to decorate their lovely centre, turning it into Wedding-Land.

Jeroen, the groom together with his lady had just moved into the new spiritual centre not too long before, yet with hard work brought practical and beauty together. They were happy to bring on board of their project their friend Rene, who is a close friend and great help too.

On Friday night Rangi and Kingi led the blessing ceremony to greet the whole place with sage, water, light and prayers and all of us present.

On Saturday afternoon the guests were welcomed and prepared while awaiting the bride and the groom for their water ceremony, a ride on a matress waka and a blessing in their sacred work space before we proceeded to the lovely potluck dinner accompanied by live music, songs and fire.

On Sunday we had a flower ceremony outside on the court yard under the sunshine. Where the Queen and the King of the place took their seat in the waka that glided towards the river where they lovingly offered rose petals to share their blessings with the world.

We are full of gratitude for Jeroen’s vision to bring Mum over, so Dad could join her also, so we could have this magic time all together! Thank you, thank you, thank you to all that helped to make this happen!”

~ * ~

Wij voelen ons diep dankbaar!
We are full of gratitude!

Meer informatie over Ojasvin & Waimaania van de Grandmothers Healing Haka: www.grandmothershealinghaka.com












One thought on “Ons eerste nieuwsbericht…een ‘magische start’!

  1. It was indeed magical and beautiful! We are still processing :)  

    Thank you! Ojasvin, Waimaania, Rangi, Kingi and Dreamteam! 

    And thanks to all friends and family to be part of this great happening!

    Heart to Heart,
    Linda & Jeroen

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