We are ONE

“Welcome to Planet Earth” – A beautiful movie, in which you can feel the sense of connection with Mother Earth very strongly. The basis of our human life on the beautiful planet Earth, is that we live in respect and harmony with mother nature. We must realise that we are supposed to put our home base at the top of the list of precedence levels. This film carries the frequency of this message.


Partners en links

Grandmothers Healing Haka
Ojasvin Kingi Davis and Waimaania Iris Häusermann Davis from the Maori culture of New Zealand

Earth Citizen Network
Lionel Kitpu’se (Little Eagle) Pinn and Hilda Kump Pinn from Portland, USA

Kristel Claesen geeft klankhealing en ontspanningssessies

Tom Willems
Storyteller en schrijver van o.a. het boek The Roar of Freedom en Bevrijd je hart
Lezingen over de Maya’s en de Cristalline Beings

Amanae Transformational Bodywork

Timotheus Project


De Vier Cirkels
Remke Kamphuis en Griet Tersago

Patricia Pattinama of

Pascal Lommelen
Energetische huiszuivering en persoonlijke ondersteuning & Sjamaan

Chloé Oliver – Bodsha Intuïtive Sacred Singing

Anna Heddes

Linda Geraeds – Balans Massage

Manu Fernandez

Feel Good Initiatieven Zuid Limburg
Facebookpagina met leuke activiteiten in Zuid Limburg